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Slow down. Easy does it. Have a look at this small but growing collection of tools and guides for the overworked, stressed out, always-on-the-go modern world.

See if there is anything you can make part of your daily routine. If you spend a lot of time working at a computer how about the rest reminder window that pops up when it's time to stretch, or take a break? If you can't see enough greenery from where you are why not select some soothing pictures and perhaps even sound effects or music. If your job involves a lot of psychological stresses you may find the Stress Analyst a good aid in logically thinking through your worries until calm returns.

You won't find any silly exercises, mysticism, or embarrassing pseudo-psychology here. This is the sort of site any sensible employer would want you to visit.

And it's all free. All I ask in return is that, from time to time, you let me and others know when something helped you, and encourage people you know to take a look for themselves at what this site has to offer.

  Words © 2004 Matthew Leitch

Rest reminder window

Soothing imagery

Stress Analyst for "Something unsettling just happened"

Coming soon: Stress Analyst for "Something stressful is coming up"

Coming soon: Stress Analyst for "Generally frazzled"

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