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More information about regular rest breaks

It's obvious that if you are doing heavy manual labour you will need to rest from time to time, sometimes every few seconds. Quite a lot of research has been done on this and Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University has provided this simple guide to calculating rest requirements.

Less research has been done on how many rest breaks we need when doing less strenuous activities like talking on the telephone and using a computer.

However, Professor Hedge has looked at the effect of taking regular rest breaks on productivity at typing in "Ergonomic Management Software and Work Performance: an Evaluative Study". The software tested was more sophisticated than the Rest Reminder page, but similar in principle.

More information about restful images of nature

This article, "Green is good for you", outlines some research in this area. You may not agree with the theory, but there does seem to be a link between seeing nature and feeling better. More data is summarised on this page about the Student Greenhouse Project, where the authors argue for building a greenhouse for Michigan State University.

The theory behind Stress Analyst

Stress Analyst is based on the simple theory that events stress us because they tell us some kind of extra effort may be needed. Why else would a mechanism that prepares our bodies for instant fight or flight be triggered? The full reasoning, with various examples, is explained in "A new approach to stress management" on another of my websites,

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